Manufacturing for the Offshore

IFC is currently manufacturing strainers in accordance the requirements of DNV-OS-E201 for the Cascade & Chinook FPSO to be located in the US Gulf of Mexico. Design verification and manufacturing inspection is being performed by DET NORSKE VERITAS. In order to meet the customer’s requirements wind and acceleration loads had to be taken into account based on predicted vessel motions.

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Latest News Manufacturing for the Offshore

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ASME “U” and “UM” Certified

IFC is pleased to announce that we received our ASME “U” and ASME “UM” Certificate of Authorization, as well as the National Board Certifications Of Authorization (NB Stamp). The certification allows us to meet our customer’s stringent quality requirements and authorizes us to manufacture and stamp pressure vessels and strainers in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

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