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Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves /
BI125 Lug Style

Design Features:

• ISO 5211 (Part I & II) Mounting Pad Designed for universal adaptation of pneumatic or electric actuators, gear operators and handles.

• O-Ring Secondary shaft seal.

• Name Plate Permanently attached to body providing disc, seat and shaft material identification.

• Bushings Four (4) bushings are used to provided maximum shaft support and centralized alignment of the one-piece shaft

• Body Available in full lug and wafer style.

• One-piece thru - shaft The blow-out proof shaft design delivers positive disc-to-seat location while offering maximum strength.

• Pinned Disc The disc is attached to the shaft by pins that provide a solid mechanical connection.

• Disc Disc edge is machined and polished 360° to assure leakproof positive shut-off while minimizing operating torque.

• Phenolic Backed Seat Provides additional support making the seat noncollapsible. 360° sealing protects components from media and provides the primary shaft seal. Flange gaskets are not required.

• Shaft Seal The bi-directional shaft seal prevents external contamination of the stem area while providing a back-up for the primary shaft seal formed by the disc/seat interface.

BI125 Lug Style
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Lug (kg.)

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