Quality Control / Engineering

IFC maintains a formal and completely documented Quality Control (Q.C) Program to meet the strict quality assurance requirements of major industries as well as those of individual customers.  Documentation as required by a product’s code of construction is available for all products.  Our Q.C. program has been formally approved by the Canadian Provincial Jurisdictional Authority of Ontario (T.S.S.A). This rigorous quality control program is consistent among the manufacturing of all products including our simplex strainer selection, as well as valves, diffusers and accessories.

Each province and territory in Canada has a governing body that issues Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) registering the design of a boiler, pressure vessel or fitting.  Once a CRN has been issued, the design has been accepted for use in that province or territory.  IFC is proud to hold CRN’s on the majority of our product lines across Canada, such as our simplex strainers and other water strainers.  Please see below for a complete list of IFC’s CRN’s.

IFC’s pressure test capabilities can handle 10,000-psi water.  All strainers are hydro-tested prior to shipment: this includes our simplex strainer line, pump strainers, duplex strainers and temporary strainers.  In addition to normal Q.C. inspections the following tests are routinely performed:  tensile, bend, hardness, impact tests, non-destructive testing, liquid penetrant, radiography, ultrasonic, and magnetic particle testing.  IFC has access to and uses special approved heat treatment facilities with capacity and temperature capabilities to fit most requirements.  



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