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Project Spotlight Part Two: The Completion of The Custom Fabricated Basket Strainers

fabricated basket strainers

Last week, we wrapped up the completion of three fabricated basket strainers.  The images you see here show our team performing the hydrotesting phase, which was done on Monday and Tuesday.

Following the completion of this test, the units were painted and prepared for shipment. The third image is of the final product en route to the client. Below is a timeline from start to finish of the progress of this project:   

fabricated basket strainers
  1. The order for the fabricated basket strainers was received August 7th.
  2. The following items were submitted for client review and approval on August 17th:
    • Detailed engineering drawings
    • Pressure vessel calculations
    • Weld procedures
    • A hydrostatic test procedure
    • NDE procedures
    • An inspection
    • Test plan
  3. We worked with the client to finalize the engineering and design of the strainers, as well as options to expedite delivery time.  All necessary approvals given on September 15th, with a required on-site delivery date of November 30th.
  4. Procurement of all Raw Materials: September 18th to 20th
  5. Receipt of all Raw Materials October 18th
  6. Fabrication Start Date: October 19th
  7. Fabricated completion Date: November 18th

fabricated basket strainers

The ASME Data Report was signed off by Authorized ASME Inspector upon completion of the Hydrostatic Test on November 20-21.


The images on the left show the fabricated basket strainers being loaded and shipped to the project site on November 24th.


The project was completed within 10 weeks from its release for manufacturing and more importantly met our client’s delivery requirement.


Congratulations to everyone at IFC for a job well done and great effort on this project!


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Stay tuned for our next blog covering the purpose of Dual Basket Strainers that provide continuous plant operation!


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