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Project Spotlight: Reinforced Cone Strainer

cone strainer

December was an exciting month for IFC. It is not unusual for us to receive urgent product requirements for planned shutdowns or outages. We were contacted by a new customer to quote a Custom 20” ANSI Class 900 lb. Reinforced Cone Strainer.


Here is a breakdown of the timeline for this project:


On December 13th, IFC received the data sheet for the required cone strainer. 


Upon review of the data sheet, we provided a quotation within hours. Due to the extreme urgency of this strainer by the client, standard lead time was not an option and expedited one week delivery was mandatory. 


On December 14th, the customer came back with minor technical clarifications and resubmission of our quotation was sent.  Within hours of our resubmission, additional Engineering details were confirmed and IFC was given authorization by the client to proceed with the procurement of material. 


The formal purchase order was received on December 15th and fabrication commenced.  Daily updates were performed and provided to the client by our Customer Service Department.  

On December 20th the Client contacted us again to see if it was possible to shorten the deliver time. After some re-scheduling by our Production, Fabrication & Quality Control team, we were able to arrange and complete the Dye Penetrant Testing (Non-Destructive Examination) of the welds and the final quality control inspection a day earlier. Our Logistic Department worked closely with the client’s team and the completed cone strainer was dispatched on Thursday December 21st at 3:00pm, only 6 days after receipt of the purchase order. 


IFC would like to thank our team of dedicated Professionals for the hard work required to meet our Client’s urgent delivery requirement. Typically, a custom strainer of this scope is completed in three to four weeks from start to finish after final drawing approval is given. Among all projects we take on, we take great pride in exceeding our customer’s expectations.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! 


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