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Project Spotlight: Duplex Strainer Assembly and Completion


Off they go!

As previously mentioned in our Duplex Strainer blog in December, we had just begun manufacturing two large 18” assemblies that were destined for Indiana, USA and the Bahamas. Each unique duplex strainer was uniquely designed for a specific application by our sales and engineering team.


duplex strainer

The first unit illustrates our Style 1 configuration and is destined for a large hospital in Indiana. This particular unit has modified inlet and outlet nozzles that are rotated 90 degrees facing upward and 8” off the strainer centerline. This is due to space restrictions at the hospital where it is being installed. It is also equipped with our Type “BD” Davit Arm Assembly to assist with Basket Removal during maintenance. The complete assembly weights in at 8000 lbs with a footprint of 9’ Flange Face to Flange Face x 7’ wide x 10’ high. 

duplex strainer

The second unit illustrates our Style 3 configuration, which has a different orientation where overall height is not an issue, but Flange Face to Flange Face restriction comes into play. This strainer will be installed in the humid and salt-water environment of the Caribbean, and therefore is constructed of 316 stainless steel material. It is equipped with our Type “H” Quick Opening T-bolt Hinged Closure so maintenance can be performed quickly and easily by the operator. 

In addition, a Pressure Gauge is installed on the inlet and outlet piping to monitor the differential pressure across the strainer so the operator knows when to divert the flow from the operational strainer to the standby unit so maintenance can be performed. This assembly is similar in weight, coming in at 7800 lbs but the footprint is different at 38” Flange Face to Flange Face x 14’ x wide x 9’ high.  


As mentioned in our previous blog, the primary benefit of a duplex strainer is to allow for continuous operation. Operational shutdown is not an option. Please contact our sales and engineering Team for assistance on your next application!   

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