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An Inside Look At Duplex Strainer Configurations

duplex strainer

Duplex strainers are used for applications that demand continuous operation. The design allows one strainer to be in operation while the other is on standby. Once maintenance or cleaning is required for the in-service strainer, you simply divert the flow utilizing the isolation valves to the standby strainer.


Duplex strainer assemblies can be quite large depending on the size and flow handling requirements; therefore, we offer various configurations to accommodate any Piping & Instrument Diagram (P&ID) requirements on site.


Here are examples of illustrations for current duplex strainer configurations currently in production at our facility. 

duplex strainer

The first design is our 18” Style 3 duplex strainer configuration constructed entirely of 316 stainless steel material that is destined for a Power Plant in the warm and humid environment of the Bahamas. The Style 3 configuration offers a small footprint from flange face to flange face, however the design manifolds to the side for a higher top to bottom overall height.


The second design is our 18” Modified Style 1 duplex strainer configuration constructed of carbon steel material destined for a hospital in Indiana, USA. The Style 1 configuration occupies a larger footprint from flange face to flange face as well as width; however, it offers a more manageable overall height for maintenance purposes. This particular strainer also has a modified Inlet / Outlet orientation that faces upward to accommodate space restrictions in the field.


Each product we manufacture can be modified to accommodate the specific requirements of our clients, as demonstrated by the examples above. Follow our blog over the next few months for images of strainers undergoing manufacturing, and for a clearer idea of the size, design and operation of these assemblies!


Check out a recent client project we completed by reading our two-part blog series:

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Please contact us directly for more information and pricing regarding our duplex strainer selection. 

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