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High Performance Butterfly Valves /
HB150 Wafer Style

Design Features:

• Mounting Pad The four-bolt actuator mounting pad readily accepts all types of actuation.

• Adjustable Vee-Ring Multiple Vee-Ring PTFE stem packing is adjustable and easily accessible without requiring removal of the actuator.

• One-Piece Shaft Constructed from 316 Stainless Steel.The shaft is internally retained meeting API 609 requirements.

• Body Available in a one-piece wafer body or lug style for dead-end service.The valves provide bidirectional sealing at full ASME Class 150 ratings.

• Bushings High temperature fiberglass composite backed RPTFE ensuring maximum shaft support.

• Seat Retainer Employs an uninterrupted gasket surface meeting API 609 requirements.

• Disc Edge Machined and polished 360° to assure leak-proof positive shut-off. Standard material of construction is type 316 Stainless Steel.

• Taper Pins Used to provide a solid mechanical connection between the disc and shaft.

HB150 Wafer Style
Wafer (Lb.)121216305080150
Wafer (Kg.)

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